What's your favorite junkfood?

With Halloween having came and went, it really got me thinking about the refined sugar I sometimes indulge in. Being gluten free, I often get a craving that a salad just won't satisfy. I get a hankering for something crispy and salty, washed down with something fizzy and sugary, and followed up with something chewy and gooey and nougaty.

Take today, for example. I had a noon-o'clock meeting with a faculty member in the chemistry department, and afterward, I sat at my desk and fixed up a document to send to my advisor. Before I knew it, my computer clock down in the lower right hand corner said "2:14pm." Shoot. I missed the salad bar at the MUB. I didn't pack a lunch. That doesn't leave me many options. So I ordered a large fry. Loaded it up with salt. Lots'a ketchup. Sometimes you just need it. Of course, I needed something to wash it down, so I grabbed a 20ounce Coke. Perfect lunch? No way. But what are you gonna do?

With a gluten free diet, it's sometimes hard to get the right things in my diet. It takes a lot of planning. If I don't pack a lunch, it's kind of like playing Russian roulette on whether I will get a decent meal, or whether that meal will really be gluten free. I get questioned when I turn down the breadstick at the salad bar, and I've been yelled at for asking for "a sandwich without the bread." As if I were ripping them off...

So being gluten free and eating healthy requires time. Effort. I've picked up a good habit of packing last night's leftovers for lunch. My favorite lunch isn't peanut butter and jelly on bread; it's peanut butter and jelly in rice. Trust me, it's good.

So here is my tribute to the french fry. It's my favorite junk food. Snickers takes a close second. What's yours?


Meg Runs said...

Peanut butter and jelly and rice?! Okay, that would be for another blog posting; STRANGE COMBINATIONS that are really delicious!
I love kettle potato chips. I'd rather have french fries too but potato chips are readily available when the mood/hunger strikes!

Marlene said...

PIZZA is my weakness!

Kati said...

I would kill for some good french fries - I can't find anywhere that has a dedicated fryer to ensure they are gluten free! I have been hitting my kids halloween candy pretty hard, this year it's all about the skittles and reeces.

Charisa said...

Mac & Cheese :)

Samantha said...


I crave pizza after long runs or races.

I love ice cream of most flavors. Yum. In fact! I get my free Cold Stone Birthday ice cream next week - yay!

Adam L. said...

I would argue that most of the food I eat is junk food (unfortunately).

Real choice: Taco Bell chalupas. So good.

Michael M said...

Hey Megan, you have to try whole grain Spelt Bread. I am not gluten free and eat it more than wheat. It's hugely filling for the low calories too. A real earthy taste that makes excellent PB Toast.

BTW I love Houghton Lake. we had a cabin there when I was a youngin'

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