The Thanksgiving Run

There's something so magical about the first snowfall. Margot, Karl and I went out for a great 2hour run on Thanksgiving morning. Granted, it wasn't the first snowfall of the season, but it was the first that really stuck around for more than just a few hours.

We started in Houghton and plodded along Trail 3 toward South Range. It was an overcast morning and impending drizzle but I didn't really notice anything falling. As we climbed up the trail toward Atlantic Mine, the trees started glimmering. Small snowflakes started shimmering around us. As we continued along the trail, the ground began to turn white and the snow squeaked under our shoes. The trees were then completely coated in a white shimmery dust that glistened. By the time we turned around, there was already an inch or two coating the trail.

I love running this time of year. Taking in the sights is just awesome. We saw a few deer pop onto the trail in front of us. We saw the snow forming, falling, accumulating... and yet the ground wasn't icy and slick. Plus, it's not blistery cold so I don't have to wear a balaclava, but its not so in-between that I put on too many or too little layers. Thursday, I wore two long sleeve shirts and a pair of tights and I was good to go.

Granted, I sometimes wish it started to snow more so I could get out on my stick and do some classic skiing. But, I really enjoy my runs. With next season looming not-too-far off in the distance (hey, we all know how time flies) I know I need to build my base and become a stronger endurance athlete. It's days like Thursday and friends like Margot and Karl that make that task a little more easy.


Dave said...

Long run on the morning of Thanksgiving==best refueling ever. Love your perspective Megan!

Anonymous said...

this sounds like fun :)

Kim Nixon said...

Hello! Thanks for keeping a blog for us to follow. How do yo handle trail runs in winter or early winter--shoes? Yak Tracks? And what type of clothing do you wear for wet snow. Thanks in Advance for your replies :-)