Under the weather

This week has been a whirlwind. Along with having to teach extra laboratories, doing lab work, and generally being productive, I got sick. Boo! But before I got sick, I got a lot accomplished. So did Adam:

I got my proofs back for my paper. How exciting! It looks so much more professional than the double-spaced reviews I have received previously. There are a few changes, but I think I can get them looked over and sent back in soon.

I was also asked to be a reviewer for Arthritis and Rheumatism. This was a surprise, because I always thought that reviewers had to be PhDs... but since the editors forwarded the article for review to me and my advisor, they must think we can contribute something. I'm excited to be able to have this opportunity.

On Thursday, I presented a podium talk for the Graduate Student Council Colloquium. I must have done well, because at the awards banquet yesterday, I won 1st place! That's $300 in the bank, to help pay for my computer!

Oh, yeah, and I got a new computer (MacBook). It's cool.

Being sick really puts a damper on everything, though. I got my new bike, but I can't even ride it on the trainer because I can't breathe through my nose :( OH! My new bike! Yeah, check it out:

My new Q-Roo Caliente!

San Remo carbon rims with nice tires...

A little D-Ace on this beauty.

FSA cranks

Abbie approves!

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Matt Runs 4 Funds said...

Hey...hope you're feelin better...or at least feeling better soon. Pretty sweet bike, although I'm sad to hear you got a Mac...ha!