Race focus and Twittering

Less than two weeks until Lincoln! I am a plethora of emotions about it... excited, nervous, anxious, slightly discouraged. Excited: I get to see Jess, Leslie, and Sarah! Three friends from three super-important times in my life, all of whom are running the race with me on May 3rd! Nervous: I don't know if I feel prepared. This also goes with slightly discouraged: I got sick about two weeks ago and am still coughing pretty poorly. Antibiotics have helped, but I am worried that I lost a lot of training during that rest period. But mostly, I'm anxious: Anxious to see how I'll do, how I'll perform, how it will come together (or won't?) on race day.

My legs are feeling better, although I still get tinges of pain in my hamstrings. The Sole orthotics help, though. I did some LTs this morning at the Fitness Connection- It felt good to get my legs moving so hopefully I pumped all that bad crap out of my legs. Thinking about the race today- the Boston Marathon- got me motivated, though. To think, the winning women are running just under an hour faster than I hope to run in two weeks... That's so fast! The fact that they can run splits of 5:20s after already running 20 miles... I don't know I could run a 5:20 minute mile right now by itself!! I just have to relax and trust that the training base I put in over the winter on snow, the tempos I got in on the treadmill this spring, and the high cadence I've been putting down on the trainer are going to push me to keep my feet turning over and my breathing steady. Come race day, I can put it all together. One last push this week, and a nice taper, and that's all I can do.

I was really hoping to watch some of the Boston Marathon online today, but I couldn't get my Quicktime to work on my Mac. Bummer! I love the quick updates on the bostonmarathon.com website though. This new quick-update thing is pretty slick- I was ultra put off by it at first- the Twitter thing especially- because I didn't really understand why anyone cares what I am doing every second of the day. But, my friend Lynn talked me into it by describing its networkability and how I can stay in-the-loop on cutting edge technologies and news and stuff. Pretty slick. So, I'm following tweets from NSF, NIH, NPR, professional triathletes, my favorite magazines, my sponsors, and my friends. It's cooler than facebook, I think. It's like an insta-blog, almost.

That's about it. I am heading home to see what delicious dish Adam whipped up for dinner. Then its rest, an early morning ED run, and the Bike Task Force meeting!!

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