I love bacon

Warning to Robin: Do not read below unless you are allowing the occasional consumption of bacon.

As many of you know, I am no longer a vegetarian. I stopped eating food that contains gluten, and unfortunately such a diet does not always provide enough calories from protein sources (did you know that peanut butter isn't a complete protein without its bread counterpart?). So, I put aside my 1.5 year bender of being meat free, and now *occasionally* indulge in some anti-healthy choices from our muscle-wearing friends.

Last Friday, Adam, Chris, and I made hor devours for dinner. Adam made a delicious sweet-potato-apple dip for rice crackers. I went with classic chevre cheese and crackers. Chris and Adam combined forces to assemble the best (and worst) hr devours next to deep fried snickers: Bacon wrapped wienies. So delicious.

So, I present to you my tribute to the greatest meat food of all time: Bacon.

The best meal ever?


And a few others who praise the food [1] [2]:

Well, after seeing all that, I'm not sure I want to eat bacon for a while. The bacon-wrapped wienies put me over the crispy-pork-back-limit for at least three weeks.

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Robin said...

whoa, that actually made me want to eat bacon less....

the wienies sound pretty good tho!