I feel a fever comin' on ...

This weekend is the largest ski event in North America... The American Birkebeiner. Two years ago, the race was canceled to all except elite racers, and the conditions were awful. There wasn't much snow, it was warm (I think?) and just plain gross. But this year...


This year its going to be COLD. and there will be snow! Yesterday, it was cloudy and 32... but today's forecast calls for 70% chance of snow and temps in the teens. Tomorrow... its supposed to be single digit temps and maybe even below zero, with chilly wind chills. and I'm excited?

Heck yes I'm excited! I am skiing the Birkie classical style, so I don't want it to be TOO warm. I want my kick to work on those kickable hills, and I want to pass people and ski fast. I want to watch fast people ski and kick butt! My old teammie, Kristina Owen, is on her own turf now (she skis for CXC Elite, based in Hayward), and many others on the team are doing it, too. I hope to see Karl Walczak rock it, and my future Ironman buddy, Andrew Joda, take some names.

The warm temps recently will make the snow nice and smooth, so when its gets cold today and tomorrow, the snow will get icy and FAST. the extra snow should add some texture to the conditions, so hopefully it won't be scary fast... but I only hope that because I will be skiing with 7000 other people.

Most people do the Birkie freestyle, or skate, which takes a different course than the classical course. The classic is slightly longer, too (54K instead of 50). I'll be starting in the back (wave 7) because I've never done a ski marathon before and frankly, I don't know how it will go. Adam is also doing it, and will be starting in wave 8. Hopefully he doesn't pass me!!

So I'm ready to go watch the Greatest Show on Snow... the American Birkebeiner! and the Birkie FEVER has kicked in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LazyPaula said...

Can't wait to hear about the race! And see pictures.