Thesis Defense and Grant Writing

Adam had his master's thesis defense today. He passed! He looked super spiff in his suit and tie. He did a really awesome job giving his presentation, too.

I've been spending the week finishing up my grant essays for fellowships. I think I'm pretty much done! I got a 27-page Word document to fit in a PDF under 2MB in size. That was pretty sweet. I also got some insight into other diseases I would be interested in exploring eventually, like lupus.

Training has been going ok. I ran for about 2.5hr on Sunday morning with Margot, but skipped on TrainerTuesday ride this week. The highlight of the week has been the two awesome days of Indian Summer that we've had; it was 70 today!! I went climbing with Sam yesterday and tried to lead, but definitely chickened out... :(

Anyway, that's my update leading into the weekend. It's Halloween weekend, but I don't know that I have much planned. I don't really want to come up with a costume...

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Louise Davalos said...

Well, I hope your grant essays went according to your plan just like Adam master’s thesis defense. I think you should learn a thing or two about Adam’s thesis abstract that successfully passed the presentation. Anyway, how’s life now?