Off to OshKosh

I'm heading to OshKosh, Wisconsin tomorrow to take the Graduate Records Exam again. Actually, I'm going to Green Bay tonight with my friend, Jill, and staying at her parents house. I wasn't happy with the scores I got four years ago (I didn't study for it the first time) so I'm taking it again to have a better push for fellowships.

Applying for fellowships is a lot of work. I've been writing essays, getting letters of recommendations, proofreading, rewriting, studying, rewriting, organizing, rewriting... for the past two months! I definitely want to have the applications out the door. I'm crossing my fingers that I get at least honorable mention with some!! Having my own funding will definitely make me more comfortable and, plus, it looks better on my CV!

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Swissy said...

Good luck with the exam!!!
I'll keep my fingers crossed;-)