Mic check, one, two, THREE!

Checkin' the mic.

Next summer, Rev3 is hosting not one, not two, but THREE triathlons east of the Mississippi. That's pretty sweet. What's even more sweet is that I can get you $10 off your registration at any of these events (and more than one, as well, I might add).So, you could save $30. That's a new race top, or about 6 pairs of Yanx. Or like three pounds of good coffee!!! For me, it's gas money to get to a race (ok, not really. I currently reside in a pretty podunk location...).

What else? All Rev3 races are super family friendly. As a kid growing up, I'd go with my family every time a new ride came out at Cedar Point. We'd wait in line for hours to ride the Demon Drop, my feet trembling and my heart pumping because I was so scared. My high school had field trips to Cedar Point in the summer, and I even got to go with my high school physics class [seriously, Cedar Point is probably where my love for engineering began].

So now that I've convinced you that you should race a Rev3, get your $10 discount! You can use it on any or all of these triathlons. The code is trakkers118

Live near Knoxville? Never been to World's Fair Park? Do the Knoxville Rev3! There will be an Olympic and Half Rev on May 9th!
These pros will be there:
Matty Reed, Amanda and Michael Lovato*, Joanna Zieger, John Kelly, Florence Chretien, Dave Thompson [Midwest represent, wootwoot!], Rebecca Wasner, Leon Griffin, Kelly Williamson, Jordan Rapp(star), and Dede Griesbeier.

Middlebury, CT, will hold down the fort with the Quassy Rev3 in its second year. Trakkers-GPS will be there, offering real-time GPS tracking of athletes so family members can track them online (and watch them in on the big screen). There will be an Olympic and Half Rev on June 5th and 6th!
Look for these pros:
Mirinda Carfrae, Tim O'Donnell, Kirk Nelson, Leon Griffin, Tyler Lord, plus Reed, Lovatos, Zieger, Kelly, Chretien, Thompson, Wasner, Griffin, Williamson, and Rapp.

My "A" Race for 2010 will be in Sandusky, Ohio, for the full iron distance at Cedar Point Rev3. Only 90miles from where I grew up! Not going to ride the Magnum before I race, though (pictured at the right)... Cedar Point will have a Half and a Full Rev on Sept 12!
Registration includes: Admission to the race, two passes to the amusement park, race shirt, finisher shirt, finisher medal, embroidered visor, water bottle, towel and sponsor Product.
Pros scheduled to appear: Chretien, Thompson, Griffin, and Rapp.

I've got some ol' friends in Knoxville (my pseudo-grandparents that lived next door), and it will be so cool to see them for the first time in several years! Maybe I could even convince them to make me some fudge to fuel my race? Hmm... maybe that's not a good idea. Hopefully they'll join me for a day at World's Fair Park though! Quassy will be a hike for me, but I've never been to Connecticut. What better time than 2010? And, of course, my entire crew (that crew being my fam) can come hang out at their favorite park for a day! So, who's with me? :-D

[Bold denotes the major race -where the pros are racing- of the weekend, italicized is the minor race, green is the race I'm doin'!]

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