Holy Cripes!

Holy cripes! Why does my calendar say 5days? What happened to days 6 and 7 until Ironman? Yikes!

It's ok. I think I'm ready. We are leaving on Wednesday for Milwaukee and I am already packed. I might make some banana bread once it cools off this evening (and after I hang out with my Little Sister from BBBS). I think I am going to take her for a hike and then go for a swim in the Portage.

We've gone thimbleberry picking:

We've gone to the animal shelter to walk dogs and pet cats:

And we've gone biking, to the park, and to the beach!

I'm going to work tomorrow and Wednesday, and hopefully have some good results to hand over to my advisor before I leave for the weekend. My program that I ran over the weekend worked (yahoo!) and now I just have to analyze the data.

Nothing too exciting is going on. I was the race director for the Tour da Tech Trails this morning, and there were over 20 runners! The mountain bike race didn't go that awesome, all the racers got lost (there were only five racers though). Only one runner got lost, though. WOOHOO!

I'll be updating periodically until race day. Until then, take care.


libgyrl said...

Packed already?! Speed demon!

Marlene said...

4 days now. :)

Good luck with all the last minute prep.

Velma said...