8 days

This week was a little stressful as I schizophrenically avoided all the returning students and their silent H1N1 viruses. I was tempted to go to the pharmacy to get a small particle mask to wear while sitting at my desk, as my new office mates sniffled and coughed their way through their first week of homework. I bought a bottle of 1000mg Vitamin C, a box of antioxidant tea, and have been getting over eight hours of sleep a night. Needless to say, I am paranoid.

And the taper is making me feel anxious. I feel sore. Lethargic. My quads hurt on the "up-hill" climb out to Schmidt's Corner this afternoon, and I felt like I was pedaling hard and barely keeping up. My mile repeats yesterday probably played a factor into that, even though I was disappointed with how they panned out (6:04, 6:14, 6:18 with 4-5min recovery between).

But, not too much left to do. The hay is in the barn, so to speak. Here's how this week's training panned out:

Tuesday- Swam 30minutes of endless relay with Adam at lunch
Rode for 2hours with Margot in the afternoon
Wednesday- Copper Country Running Club group run 1.5hours in the evening
Thursday- Mile repeats (2mi warmup, 3xmiles, and half-hour cooldown) followed by an open water swim (25minutes)
Friday- 1hour easy spin

The plan for the rest of the weekend? Tomorrow I am going to break in my new Trances with a 13mile run. I might try the ST3s out on it to see if they'll hold up (or, hold me up). Sunday, I am going to take a nice easy spin and do some swimming work in the pool.


Marlene said...

I would be the same way (paranoid!). Stay healthy!!

wildknits said...

Don't blame you for worrying about falling ill - wish sick people would stay home! Stay healthy and good luck at Iron Man! While you are racing I will be hanging out (well backpacking) on an island in Michigan (though it is waaaay closer to Minnesota and Canada).