Century ride #2 of the season

I feel like I should have done more than just two century rides thus far this season. I suppose I have done quite a few longer-rides, but nothing shaving off a hundred miles on the QRoo. This weekend, Adam, Ian and I headed out to Aura (outside L'Anse) and get our second century under our belts.

We left after a delicious breakfast at Ian's house, and hammered out a good 18.6mph average pace (according to my bike computer). I didn't do an extraordinary job of starting and stopping my GPS watch when we took off and took breaks, respectively, but you can check out the jist of our ride here. What a beautiful route! The roads were not heavily traveled, and all were in really good condition. I was excited to get into L'Anse and ride along the bay, because even though it was windy, it was a gorgeous ride. The ride back was a little more difficult than the way out, because the legs felt a little like lead, but it was a tough and enjoyable ride.

It's time for me to start getting more mentally tough. I have a little over two months to prepare my body and my mind for the longest race to date, and I am both excited and nervous. I need to start training harder, going longer, pushing farther, and getting through the barriers that are ahead of me. I haven't quite hit the mark of "not taking it personally," especially with my training. Last week was really hard on me emotionally, with two of my key workouts (one running, one biking) where I was blasted out by my training partners. But I'm working on it. I need to separate my mind and my body and just push my own limits, and not let others push my buttons.

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