Biggest swim of my life, so far!

Today, Adam and I ventured to the SDC to swim some laps in the pool. Last week, I accomplished a big swim (at least, big for me) and I wanted to do a little more.

I read Amy's Training Blog and came across her recent post, her "accidental 4850yd swim." I thought it was worth a shot, and I convinced Adam to join in the fun.

We started with the 1650yd "warmup" with a pull buoy, and used paddles every other 400yds. The 3x400IMs were tough, and I wasn't able to go 100yds butterfly (I honestly don't know if I have ever, in my life, been able to go 100yds butterfly without stopping!). So, I did as much of the stroke as I could and finished out that part of the IM with freestyle. I focused on my breathing and stretching in breast-stroke, and found another gear by the time I got to the third set. The 5x300s (with the first 7 strokes of each 50yd hard) definitely made the set go by fast! But my favorite part of the entire workout came at the end, when I did 4x25 no breathers. My total yardage was 50yds short of Amy's posted workout, because I wasn't quite sure if it was a good idea to try for two more no-breathers... but dammmn, was it an awesome workout.

Two hours later, a bag of Jalepeno Krunchers ad a Virgil's Cola helped my recovery, and I just mowed down a big plate of rice and black beans. My ring is tarnished and my eyes are twingy from the highly brominated pool (it was exceptionally cloudy today), but it feels good to have that awesome swim in the bank. Next week? I'm going to try for over 5,000yds. :-D And even better news, I meet with my new swim coach on Thursday for some one-on-one help. Maybe there's hope for me yet!

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Amy Reinink said...

Yay! I'm so happy this workout could torture someone other than me! The 25s creep up on you quickly, huh? Thanks for the mention, and for trying the swim. Looking forward to reading about your next workout adventure!