Who's your Go-to-Girl?

A few weeks ago, I nominated a friend for a Mountain Hardwear sweepstakes known as "Go To Girl." The jist?:

'Mountain Hardwear and Montrail are giving away head to toe gear for you and your Go-to-Girl! 4 weeks, 4 sets of gear. Mountain Hardwear and Montrail join forces to celebrate the inspiration and motivation women provide each other to climb, bike, hike, swim, surf, trail run, and paddle. We want to know who that Go-to-Girl is that motivates you! Give us 300 characters on who motivates you and include a photo.'

So, I nominated one of my MegaTough Girls, and proceeded to forward the info to the group. Between the MegaTough Girls, it was incredibly hard to pick just one... but luckily there are four rounds of prizes! Coincidence? I think not.

Then, last night, I got a call from Jess. She won! She had nominated me as her Go-to-Girl, and each of us will get a full outfit from Mountain Hardwear. I'm pumped! Each of us get a full outfit from the Explore Collection:
  • Trailhead Long Sleeve Shirt
  • La Rambla Short
  • Canyon Hiker Hat
  • Montrail Molokini Flip Flop
Here's the profile that's on Mountain Hardwear's page:

Jessica B's Go-to-Girl...

My good friend Megan Killian is the epitome of strength. Marathon runner, rock climber, biker, Nordic skier and soon-to-be Iron(wo)man. Beyond her physical prowess, she's pursuing her PhD in engineering! What an amazing WOMAN -- a true inspiration and definitely my go-to-girl for motivation.

So, if you have a go-to-girl and want to nominate them, Mountain Hardwear is running this competition all summer long! Check it out here.

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