First Women's Cycling Night

Last night, Portage Health had its first Women's road biking sessions of the year. I am excited to be leading the group this year, and it was so great to see so many ladies show up. The group ranged from beginners to experienced, with 10 ladies total for the first outing (plus Arnie as our sag). Not too bad, especially since it started to rain on us occasionally. Felt good, though... right?
After a brief introduction of the group and some roady tips, we were on our way!

Giving some tips riding in a group on the road.

What attentive listeners! ;)

We started at the SDC at Michigan Tech and headed down the waterfront trail to Canal Road. Canal Road is a great route because it is one of the "more flat" routes in the area. That being said, there are still some hills to climb. Check out our route here: Breakers and Back
(Note: this GPS route includes a brief "turn-around" that I did around Schmidts Corner, as well as my route home from the SDC at the end of the ride)

Having a good time

We've got some speedsters in the group

Almost done!

Hope to see everyone out next week, where we'll start at the Portage Health campus in Hancock.

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