Weekend downstate

I am wrapping a brief venture to the Lower Peninsula, where the boys (Andrew and Adam) and I had our triathlon bikes professionally fitted. We went to ProFit Bicycles in Sylvan Lake, located in the Skier's Peak Ski Shop. What a cool place. The owner and pro-fitter, Chad Johnson, was awesome. He spent a thorough 2+hrs with each of us, hammering out our position based on our goals (for all of us, I think it was focused on power, aero, and comfort). He made significant changes to my position, including lowering my bars, raising my seat, chopping off my aero-bars... And he provided good conversation, too.

The trip down was decent, probably because I slept a lot of it. My parents met up in Sylvan Lake and we went out for lunch and took Sam to the park. It was so great to see them! It was a beautiful day, too. I am so glad they were able to meet up.

Today, we went to the Eastern Market in downtown Detroit. Holy cow, what a big market! There were so many vendors. I went to Rocky's and bought deliciously fresh nuts and dried berries for some great, healty trail mix. After the market, the boys and I went for a brick workout at Stony Creek Metropark. We rode our triathlon bikes around the park twice and went for a short (4 mile) run on the trails in the park. It was a little windy on the bikes, and I wasn't very good about staying aero for the first lap- but made it around the second lap nearly the entire way (until the road got a little choppy at the entrance).

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