Back to da UP

It is nice to get settled back into the new place. After we dumped our weekend goods (tri bikes, running shoes, and gear bags... plus the miscellaneous awesome stuff from parental units), I went for a nice hour-long run on the Tech Trails. I was thinking about going longer, but the Pilgrim Trail was blocked off by downed birch tree, and when I looked at my watch it read 29:55... so I figured it was a sign. I did take my first fall of the season, though, but luckily only ended up with dirty (not bloody) hands and knees.

We left Abbie at home for the weekend, and she ended up locking herself in the bathroom. Poor thing. She really enjoys her new cat-carrier (thanks, Amy!).

This morning, I used hand paddles for the first time in the pool (Adam borrowed them from Ian). They were awesome! They helped me maintain good form, and when I took them off to swim, I felt fast and efficient. The flippers were a little big, though, and gave me a gastroc cramp... I'll have to order some in my size!

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