Quick word before my date

Just an update briefly, then off to the gym for a date with the treadmill and some stress relief :)

The Fun Run/Walk went off AWESOME! We had over 80 people show up. And, best of all, everyone seemed to have a good time. It was a lot of work (and still will be a lot of work... I have to do the t-shirt screen-printing now!!), but it's out of the way. Now, the focus is my defense!

Yikes. Proposal defense/oral qualifier is on Friday. If I pass, that is awesome. I will be a doctoral candidate. If I fail, I'm still just a lowly grad student, with a full-tuition fee and one more chance to pass the qualifier. I feel like I know everything I need to know. I've connected with my committee members, I know what to expect, but I am afraid I am going to get caught up in something or get asked some off-the-wall question that I didn't study for. I'm just trying to be as best-prepared as I can be.

Also, I like this shirt: http://www.shirtsy.com/2007/11/if-youre-not-part-of-solution.html
Pretty sweet, yeah?

Alright, off to the gym. :) I need to start putting down the hammer... Only 249 days until Ironman!

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