Headed Home

I am leaving Houghton for a few days to visit my family downstate. I'm looking forward to having a few days off. This semester has gone by fast.

I submitted most of my fellowship applications! I've applied for:
-National Science Foundation Grad Research Fellowship
-Fannie and John Hertz Fellowship
-SMART ASEE Fellowship
-Amelia Earhart Fellowship
-Association for Women in Science Fellowship
-King Chavez Parks Initiative
-Michigan Space Grant Consortium/University of Michigan Graduate Fellowship
-Graduate Women in Science Fellowship

I am going to talk to my advisor about traveling to Ireland for a year, also. How cool would that be?? :)


Robin said...

omg could i visit u in ireland????? that would be the perfect excuse to finally go!

Megan said...

Totally!! It might be the perfect post-doc opportunity for me. The people over there are brilliant!

Jennifer said...

I wanna visit you too!!! I totally kinda forgot about this blog of yours!! I cant believe how many things you have filled out! Goodness! Maybe our next HOLLA event needs to be in Ireland!