2010 Race Schedule

You can find me at these races in 2010!

Salt Lake City Marathon- April 17th

Rev3 Knoxville Half Rev- May 9 (tentative)

American Triple T- May 21-23rd

Rev3 Quassy Half Rev- June 5th

Voyageur 50mile- July 24th

Kuparisaari Triathlon- August 15th (race director)

Rev3 Cedar Point Full Rev- Sept 12

More to come!!


32 degrees said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO close to grand island trail marathon but not running it? better re-think that race schedule!! good luck, train hard, have fun.

Samantha said...

Voyager 50! Yay! Let me know if you need crew.

Ryan Oilar said...

Going for big money at Rev3!! Good for you! I'll see ya Quassy & Cedar Point-maybe a team roller coaster ride?