Who's Your Favorite Female Athlete?

Here's the results of my "poll"- more like survey, since no two people had the same favorite female athlete!!

Kerryn McCann (Australia)-Dual Gold Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, 11th place in 2000 Olympics, a Marathoner, a Mum, a wife, an inspiration who sadly lost her battle with cancer in 2008." -blogger from WTS

Paula Radcliffe - less than 10 months after giving birth to her first child, she won the New York Marathon. This was controversial for some, but very empowering for many others. She is a World Champ in half marathon and full marathon, and has won NYC marathon 3 times.

Kathrine Switzer - A pioneer to women's marathon running, she was the first woman to officially enter the Boston Marathon.

Grete Waitz- Won 9 NYC marathons, more than any other woman in history. World champ, Olympic medalist. She also does charity work for Special Olympics and CARE. Thanks for telling me about her, Tom!

Chrissie Wellington
- making the boys out in the triathlon world look over their shoulders... or straight ahead, because she's passed most of them.

Beckie Scott- not a runner, but one helluva good XC skier! And she's super-involved as a humanitarian as well as keeping dopers out of the sport.

Dara Torres- Incredible swimmer who has competed in 5 Olympics, got silver in three events at the age of 41.

Nancy Lieberman - "simply due to her dedication to her sport and its athletes long after she's done playing. What a role model." - Megan from WTS

Michelle Timms - elected to Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in 2008 and won gold at 1996 Olympics!

Tanisha Wright - This girl is younger than me! She's a professional WNBA player in Seattle.

Michelle Akers - Michelle was a member of the famous 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup team after being a 4-time All American in college.

Who is my favorite female athlete? Perhaps I have too many to name. I really look up to my friend Karin, who is shooting for a spot in the 2010 Winter Olympics for Nordic skiing. I've met some really awesome women who do outstanding things, like Devon Crosby-Helms (ultrarunner) and Linsey Corbin (Ironman). Additionally, Chrissie Wellington is a role model for any young girl that is interested in endurance sports, and she's always got a smile on her face! I also look up to all the women that follow their dream to do big things.

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