Last Big Push

So before I head to bed, I thought I'd chat a little about latest in my training.

Last week was a recovery week, and it (to me, anyway) meant I could pull back a little on the training stresses and relax some. I did, however, venture downstate to visit my family and do a 5K on the way. My time wasn't anything amazing (21:20) but I felt good for the most part and tried to stay relaxed. I finished 3rd overall, but only to some zippy high school girls. Ah, what it was like to have speed. It wasn't too bad, actually- I feel like my workouts are hitting right on and that my intensity training is bringing me to a point where I have the near-perfect blend of endurance and speed. At least for running!

It was really nice being able to get home for the weekend, however short-lived it was. I got to see my parents, sister, nephew, cousin, grandparents, uncles, ... in like 24 hours!?! It was worth it.

This week is my last real-big Big Week. I start to taper a little next week, and then its a full-on crazy fest for 14 days before the race. I am not doing too bad, the training isn't too awful and like I said, I feel pretty good! At least, that's how I feel now, after doing a three-a-day today. We'll see how I feel when I wake up in the morning.

So that's that. Just sent the nearly-final draft of my manuscript to my advisor for another journal publication. Hopefully we get that out the door, hopefully it gets accepted. That sort of thing takes a while, though.

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